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favorite_son's Journal

Green Day Fans
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Welcome! You've stumbled across arguably one of the best and most active Green Day communities on LiveJournal. We're dedicated fans from all over the world, of all different backgrounds, and of all ages.
What's your story? Did you buy Dookie on cassette or did 21st Century Breakdown grab your ear? Whatever the case, you're welcome to join the madness of Green Day fans here at favorite_son. Just stick to the few simple and necessary rules below and you're all set!

1. DO NOT tYpeSZ LiEkk THiS CauSe IT iS aNnoYiNNG!! LikEZ OmGEEZZZ!!! Please, for the love of all holy and unholy, do not even go there. Expect a warning if you do.

2. Please try to stay active. Share news, stories, your creations, concert experiences, etc. However, keep in mind that this is a journal site and not a forum. Your entry will be appearing on the friends page of the hundreds of users who watch this community, so please be selective about what you are posting.

3. Put big pictures and posts under an LJ cut because it takes up too much room on people's friends pages. This can be accomplished easily when using rich text mode when posting, or if using html, use this code: <*lj-cut text="link goes here"*> LJ cut title here <*/lj-cut*> (remove the *'s). If you're still unsure you can search the LJ FAQ or message freudianslip_86

4. There is no restriction regarding the rating of content posted. However, if you're posting something that could be considered "inappropriate for those under 18" please place it behind a cut. Besides, not everyone wants to see Billie's penis.

5. You may promote a community only if it is relevant to Green Day.

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The Band

The Official Green Day Website: http://www.greenday.com/

Another Official Green Day Website(Reprise Records): http://www.repriserec.com/greenday/

The Official Green Day Fan Site: http://www.greenday.net/

Green Day Authority:http://www.greendayauthority.com/

Ticket Info